Fuel 100ml


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Fuel 100ml

Equine Energy Supplement

Fuel is an equine energy supplement to support muscle function and recovery during training and strenuous exercise. It is a blend of essential co-factors to ensure that muscle metabolism is optimised, and that energy supply to muscles is adequate, to reduce the risk of lactic acidosis, muscle fatigue and Tying Up.

• Reduce Lactic Acid within the Muscles leading to increased endurance and performance.
• Improves available energy supply to muscles.
• Assists muscle repair and recovery after exercise.
• Reduces the risk of tying up or cramping.
• Optimises energy supply to hard working muscles.
• It is useful to prevent fatigue and stress when traveling horses long distances.
• Provides optimum performance Increase endurance and strength 200% stronger than any competitor, 20mg/ml ATP Pharmacy grade


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