Enduro 500 100ml

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Enduro 500 100ml    Enduro 500 prepares and fuels the muscles of Equines and Camels, it assists the cardiovascular system and respiratory function allowing it to work in perfect harmony. It has the ability to reduce inflammation and Lactic acid build up in muscles, which allows the competitive animal to excel and perform to the best of its ability.


Alpha-Ketoglutorate, Aspartates, Inosine, Malic Acid, NADH, Pyruvate.


Camel and Horses:  Use 10ml 24hrs before the race and then 10 ml 5hrs before the competition – IV


Enduro Blast 50ml has been scientifically developed to producing a significant increase in blood supply to muscles and the heart, and hence increases yet regulates the oxygen release of red blood cells and essential nutrient supply to these areas during racing and competition and training including hard work.



Muscular & Heart Supplement for Camels & Horses for Enduro Blast 50ml

WHAT ENDURO BLAST for Enduro Blast 50ml ?

Enduro Blast 50ml  is a scientifically developed supplement which combines the benefits of ITPP (Myo-inositol trispyrophosphate), AMP-5 (Adenosine-5-monophosphate) and a specifically selected enzyme. ITPP is a synthetic allosteric effector of hemoglobin which increases the regulated oxygen releasing capacity of red blood cells leading to increased energy and performance and AMP-5 is a potent natural vasodilator which increases blood circulation to both skeletal and cardiac muscle. It can be used in anticipation of severe cardiac load in athletic animals or as a treatment for myocardial oxygen deficit.

HOW DOES IT WORK for Enduro Blast 50ml ?

Enduro Blast modifies the hemoglobin in the red blood cell to release more oxygen as the red blood cell enters tissues which require oxygen. It also increases the essential nutrient supply to the muscles and heart during hard work as well as improves the efficiency of waste product removal such as lactic acid delaying the onset of muscle fatigue (i.e. of value in treatment and prevention of Tying Up). Because of its potent vasodilation effect on cardiac muscles, it is also effective in treatment and prevention of heart strain and exercise induced “T Wave” changes in horses.

WHY USE for Enduro Blast 50ml ? 

Delays the onset of muscle fatigue and cramping to allow the animal to train and race for longer periods and to prevent severe cardiac load. It also increases blood flow, energy, blood supply to muscle tissue and prevents heart strain. Increases the normal energy levels of the horse or camel to significantly improve performance in high intensity activities.

SIZE for Enduro Blast 50ml 

Available in 50ml bottles.

INGREDIENTS for  Enduro Blast 50ml 

Myo-inositol trispyrophosphate (ITPP), Disodic
adenosine monophosphate (AMP), Selected Enzyme


Administer 10mL daily by intramuscular injection.
10ml per day for 3 days and stop 2 days before race.

MUST BE refrigerated.
Store between 3-8°C


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