In cases of allergies, dermatitis, arthritis, bursitis, carpitis, rhinitis, traumatic injuries (accidental and / or surgical) and musculoskeletal conditions in which there is inflammation. Indicated in cases of cardiovascular shock of different origin, especially in septic shock, neurogenic, anaphylactic.

Cattle: Ketosis, arthritis, traumatic lesions, stress states, dermatitis, eczema, pneumonia, as adjuvant of hypocalcemia, acetonemia, mastitis, metritis, provided that the appropriate antimicrobial treatment is associated. As a coadjuvant also in the treatment of Necrosis, for its anti-inflammatory activity.

Horses: Arthritis, bursitis, carpitis, myositis, stress states, laminitis, traumatic conditions in general.

Canids: Arthritis, myositis, non-specific dermatitis, eczema, traumatic injuries.

Swine, sheep, goats: Arthritis, bursitis, carpitis, myositis, rhinitis, intoxications, stress states, laminitis, traumatic conditions in general.


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