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Aicar 50MG is basically an AMPK. Aicar is the short form for the chemical name 5-aminoimidazole 4-carboxamide 1-D-ribofuranoside. It is also known by names such as AICA-Riboside, Acadesine, and Aica-Riboneuclotide and so on. This chemical is basically used for research purposes. It is used in various medicinal purposes or as rug enhancements. This is why it is so essential to ensure that you buy it from the right place. Pinnacle Peptides provides with only the best quality of Aicar so that your tests give expected results. Pinnacle peptides have thus been trusted by scientists and researchers for providing the best quality products over time. Buy best quality Aicar 10MG at Pinnacle Peptides for better and accurate results in all your research experiments In the year 2009 it was suspected that Aicar was used by the members of Tour de France. However it remained unknown whether its intake was made. But ever since then, it has been banned by the World Anti Doping Code.


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