Zoledron (Zoledron)




Zoledron is a veterinary drug based on 0.53% zoledronic acid for injections aimed at the treatment of lameness of various etiologies in sport horses, as well as the treatment and prevention of osteoarticular pathologies. The drug is a corrector of bone and cartilage metabolism.

The drug has no analogues. It is an alternative to drugs based on tildronic acid (in the form of sodium tildronate) and drugs based on clodronic acid (in the form of sodium clodronate).

For intravenous infusion (drip) administration.

Indications for use:
Arthritis and arthrosis of any etiology, costovertebral arthrosis (osteoarthrosis) of the hock joint, osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, osteochondritis, osteoporosis, enthesopathy, spondylosis, shuttle block syndrome, navicular syndrome (less than 6 months), subchondral cysts, sesamoiditis, osteitis of the hoof-shaped bone (bone of the third phalanx), lysis of the coffin bone due to laminitis, underdevelopment of the joints, exfoliating osteochondritis (OCD), epiphysitis, compression fractures with local damage to the spinal cord, the consequences of surgical interventions on the tissues of the musculoskeletal system, lameness, exercise intolerance.

Packing: 2 ampoules x 10 ml.
Enough for one course of treatment of the animal.


  1. Irina –:

    Zoledrone worked great! The horse had sisomaedit on all four hocks. a year after the course (three months) was completed, the structure of the joint improved significantly, he stopped limping and the joints no longer heat up and swell. A 17-year-old horse was prescribed Zoledron once a year for a course of 3 months -4 days of Calfoset for the fifth dropper with Zoledron 500 ml. There is one caveat – the interosseus was torn and it became significantly thicker (we think this is due to the drug), the interosseus was worked on by UVT and now the horse does not even have kozins


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