Trimax is an innovative combined anthelmintic drug for the treatment and prevention of parasitic infections of the gastrointestinal tract and lungs in horses and ponies, including mares at any stage of pregnancy, foals older than 6–8 weeks and breeding stallions.
The composition of the drug includes three active ingredients (based on 30 g): ivermectin (0.12 g), praziquantel (11.4 g) and pyrantel pamoate (1.5 g). Thanks to the patented combination of active ingredients, the drug has high efficiency, a wide spectrum of action and proven safety. It is a long-acting drug.

The drug has no analogues.

For oral use.

Indications for use:
Treatment and prevention of parasitic infections in horses caused by large strongylids: Strongylus vulgaris (adult and larval arterial stages), Strongylus edentatus (adult and larval tissue stages), Strongylus equinus (adults), Triodontophorus spp. (adults); small strongylides or cyatostomes, including strains resistant to benzimidazoles: Cythostomum., Cylicocylus spp. , Cylicostephanus spp. , Cylicodontophorus spp. . Gyalocephalus spp. (adult and larval); pulmonary helminths Dictiocaulus arnfieldi (adults and underdeveloped inhibited larvae of the fourth stage); Oxyuris equorum (adult and larval); Parascaris equorum (adults and third- and fourth-stage larval nematodes (ascaris); adult hairworms Trichostrongylus axei; large-mouthed gastric worms Habronema muscae; adult specimens of the intestinal nematulminths Strongyloides westeri, microfilariae of the cervical nematelminths Onchocerca spp. ; gastric gadfly Gastrophilus spp. (oral and gastric stages of larvae); adult tapeworms Anoplocephala perfoliata, Anoplocephala magna, Paranoplocephala mamillana.

Packaging: 1 syringe x 30 g.


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