Rodenthia – Crescer – 50 ml




WELCOME TO OUR NUMBER 1 STORE IN VETERINARY PRODUCTS! ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE PROPERLY PACKAGED AND SHIPPED WITHIN 24HRS Grow 50ml is an equine growth aid that treats growth retardation from an early age, promoting carcass and height development. It is also notable for gaining lean muscle mass as it contains vitamins and amino acids in its formulation that help bone growth and weight and muscle gain, as well as muscle definition and toning. • Accelerates Height gain and Carcass Development •

Develops musculature • Eliminates and prevents changes and growth delays

• Repairs and regenerates tissues

• Cellular regeneration of Bones, Muscles and Vital Organs

• Strengthens the immune system fighting infections and diseases

• Improves Endurance

• Lean mass gain;

• Decrease in body fat indexes;

• Increase in physical strength;

• Decreased muscle fatigue.

• Muscle Toning and Definition


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