Ibanproll (Ibanproll)




Ibanproll is a 3rd generation bisphosphonate medicinal product based on sodium ibandronate for injection aimed at the treatment of lameness of various etiologies in sport horses. It is a powerful inhibitor of bone resorption / corrector of bone and cartilage metabolism.

The drug has no analogues. It is an alternative to drugs based on tildronic acid (in the form of sodium tildronate) and drugs based on clodronic acid (in the form of sodium clodronate).

For intravenous infusion (drip) administration.

Indications for use:
Shuttle block syndrome, navicular syndrome, osteitis of the hoof-shaped bone (bones of the third phalanx), degenerative osteoarthritis of the hock joint (bone spar), osteoporosis, sesamoiditis, consequences of surgical interventions on the tissues of the musculoskeletal system, bone fractures, tendon injuries, lameness , intolerance to intense physical activity after a long period of rest.

Packing: 3 bottles x 10 ml.
Enough for one course of treatment of the animal.


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