Cumeverm Equinos




Cumeverm Equinos is an anthelmintic drug for horses and ponies based on mebendazole and metrifonate (trichlorfon) with a wide spectrum of nematocidal and cestodocidal action.
Suitable for pregnant mares up to the last trimester of pregnancy and foals over 4 months old.

The drug has no analogues.

For oral use.

Indications for use:
Treatment and prevention of parasitic infections of the gastrointestinal tract and lungs, including large and small Strongylidae, Parascaris equorum, Gasterophilus spp., Oxyuris equi, Dictyocaulus amfieldi, parasitizing horses.

Packaging: 1 dosing syringe x 25 gr.
Enough for one course of treatment of the animal.


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