ChromActiv (ChromActiv)




ChromActiv is a complex vitamin and mineral preparation for horses. Contains vitamins B1, B4, B6, PP, L-arginine, L-lysine, L-carnitine, dimethylglycine, glucose, ascorbic acid, nicotinic acid, colin, magnesium gluconate, chromium.

It is an alternative to the drugs Hemobalance (Haemobalans) and Hemo-15 (Hemo-15).

Stimulation of metabolism, prevention and treatment of diseases caused by a lack of vitamins and microelements, anemia of various etiologies, bleeding and blood loss, prevention and elimination of the harmful effects of stress (vaccination, exhibitions, diet changes), during sports competitions, with increased physical exertion, muscle fatigue, maintaining optimal conditions of animals.

For intravenous (or deep intramuscular according to indications) administration.

Packing: 1 bottle x 100 ml.


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