Artrosan (Artrosan)




Artrosan is an anti-inflammatory, injectable veterinary drug for horses and dogs that stimulates the metabolism of cartilage tissue in the form of a solution of pentosan sodium polysulfate 250 mg / ml. The drug has a complex anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, anti-arthritis and chondroprotective action.

It is an analogue of the drug Pentosan Equine.

Lameness and concomitant diseases, degenerative non-infectious inflammatory diseases of the joints, osteoarthritis (stratifying osteoarthritis), osteoarthritis (including those affecting several joints), hydrarthrosis, osteochondrosis, arthropathy, chondropathy, synovitis, tendinitis, injuries of the joints and periarticular space in horses.

For intravenous administration.

Packaging: 1 glass bottle of 6 ml, packed in a carton box.


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